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Handmade, sterling silver pendant on a long, silver chain. Depicting Sarasvati, who is the Indian Goddess of creativity, music, wisdom & art.  Wear to bring more creativity into your life, or when embarking on a new project.  The secret meaning of these charms makes them extra special gifts.


The Story ......

Each necklace represents a traditional Indian deity or powerful symbol - wear it as your good luck talisman & a reminder of your daily intention. This beautiful piece depicts the Goddess Sarasvati riding on a peacock & is adorned with a pale pink chalcedony quartz to promote optimism & joy.

Each charm has been handmade in our ethical workshop in India, meaning every necklace is unique.  We spend weeks trawling local markets, antique stalls & tribal villages to find the perfect designs.  We individually pick each antique charm for its specific powers & meaning & then recreate them for you in our workshop. 


The specifics .....

Sterling silver charm with sterling silver chain.  

The necklace hangs at 37cm (74cm long in total) & the charm is approx 3cm wide & 4cm tall.

Also available in gold.