Copper Water Bottle With Amazing Health Benefits

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600ml Screw Cap Copper Water Bottle For A Healthy & Balanced Body. 
We know how important it is to take care of our bodies & how our busy schedules can make that difficult. So we've designed something beautiful that you can take anywhere. It's packed full of health benefits & is a fashionable replacement to the chemical filled, plastic bottles that are polluting our planet.
Drinking water from a copper water bottle has the following benefits:
* Aids Weight Loss
* Slows Down The Ageing Process
* Fights Cancer Causing Cells
* Improves Heart Health
* Anti-Inflammatory & Combats Arthritis
* Promotes Healthy Skin
* Beats Anaemia
* Helps Regulate the Thyroid Gland
* Contains None Of The Harmful Chemicals Found In Plastic Water Bottles
* Is Re-Usable, Recyclable & A Naturally Occurring Mineral
This method has actually been around for thousands of years & is not just another health fad.  Our ancestors would use a copper jug, fill it with water & leave it overnight to let the copper minerals seep into the water, infusing it with numerous health benefits. In ayurvedic medicine, the benefits of drinking from a copper bottle are widely known & documented, helping to balance the three doshas, which is believed to be the key to happiness & good health. The FDA recommends that we take in at least 12mg of Copper a day, so this is an excellent way of achieving that & you’re helping the planet.
Over 50 billion water bottles are consumed every year, leaking harmful chemicals into our bodies & our environment, clogging up our water systems & polluting our planet. We want to abolish the use of plastic bottles, so we created a product so beautiful, so effective & so good for you, that you'll never need to buy another water bottle again.
For best results, fill your bottle with water before bedtime, leave to infuse overnight & drink the contents on an empty stomach upon waking.