Marzipants Testimonials


"You can feel the love that goes into each piece if the beautiful and unique items from Marzipants. The charm necklaces with their individual meanings are my forever keep pieces and I use the Marzipants for yoga and relaxing on set and at home."

Jaye Jacobs, Actor



 "I always struggled to find a pair of trousers or shorts which were comfortable as well as stylish. Male Yoga practitioners haven’t got many choices with Yoga clothing brands. Most of the time they’re austere, splattered with Om logos, or look like running gear. I wanted a little fun on the mat and during my classes, without looking like a clown. And then.. Marzipants arrived in my life! I was finally able to move easily and look smart in a pair of their trousers. They’re fun with lots of different colours and interesting details. I travel a lot with my yoga retreats and classes, so need a garment that I can pack quickly, wash easily and still looking slick in. Marzipants are the answer."

Laurent Roure, Yoga Instructor


My Marzipants yoga trousers are loose, comfortable and versatile - perfect for my work as a yoga teacher or relaxing at home... and they're the first thing I pack for a holiday!

Ucci, Yoga Teacher




 Having been a huge fan of Mazipants products, both professionally and personally, I was delighted to hear they had branched into jewellery. I certainly wasn’t disappointed! The jewellery is both beautiful and delicate. The range compliments all tastes and can be added too as desired. So far I have purchased several necklaces, the gemmed rings that can be stacked beautifully together and two bracelets, all to use this Summer on my latest Feature Film. And for me; I’m currently wearing a Goddess necklace in gold! Thank you Marzipants!

Eleanor Baker, Costume Designer


“I love my Marzipants, they’re so versatile! I wear them for work, chilling at home and I lived in them on our holiday to Ibiza. Both my children have a pair and the unique design with an elasticated waist & roll up leg means they’ll continue to fit as the kids grow. So less shopping means I save money and do my bit for the planet too. I can't thank you enough.”
Katie, UK, Massage Therapist.



"From start to finish, a great product and a great customer experience. I love my Marzipants, I meditate in them, teach Zen in them, do yoga in them, and completed retreat in them. I even took the Buddhist Precepts in them. Thanks again for the great service & brilliant trousers."
Ando, UK, Meditation, Mindfulness & Zen Teacher


"Awesome! Nice to buy such a great product from great people & company!"
Emani, Australia 

"Whether I'm going to a quiet, meditation based yoga class, a hot, sweaty Bikram class, or a fast-flowing Vinyasa class, Marzipants with their cool wrap-around design, have got it all wrapped up."
Heather, UK, Actress.


Amazing!! I will be back! Thanks so much!!”
Tracey, Ibiza

"I wear my Marzipants wherever and whenever, they're perfect for all my movement expressions and for seated meditation. They look great, are blissfully comfortable and I love all the colours."
Catherine, UK, Yoga Teacher


Absolutely love these pants! They are so colourful and comfy!”
Katrina, USA 


“Amazing trousers!!! Amazing service!!! I highly recommend!!!
Octavia, UK


"Thank you for sending over the gorgeous pink children's pants, I can't wait to give them to my friend's little girl. She's going to love the matching bag too! My husband is loving his new pair, genius design, beautiful finish and amazing quality. Thank you! xx"
Lynsey, UK, Vintage Events & Experiences


"Thank you so much for the Marzipants. I wear them pretty much every day; after work, to chill, sunny walks, picnics & everyday on holiday because they are so cool. The fair trade credentials are definitely a big thing for me too."
Lisa, UK, Film Editor


“Gorgeous marzipants, very fast shipping. Thanks a lot!
Matilde, Italy


Amazing product, delivered quickly. Thank you!
Steve, UK