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“Speak truthfully; speak simply, straightforwardly with a smile. Never try to impress others; try to impress yourself. Find happiness within you. All happiness will come to you if you are happy. Happiness will come to you because happiness wants to go where happiness is.”
Yogi Bhajan




We are so excited to be at Tilton House in the stunning South Downs in Sussex for our Restore and Re-balance retreat. Its a beautiful house with a heated yurt for our Kundalini and sound healing practice.

Our aim over this very special weekend is to give you the space and knowledge to explore your hormones and to understand how you can best serve yourself to keep them balanced. We have nutritionist, Emma Marshall, joining us over the weekend for a hormone nutritional workshop on the Saturday, she will explain the effect our hormones have on us and teach us how we can rebalance them as a women, from our monthly cycles to menopause and anxiety, and stress and insomnia. When we are given the tools to work in harmony with our bodies we can greater understand these powerful shifts and changes and how they effect us.

Emma will be on hand for questions after the workshop and if you want to go deeper you can arrange a private consultation with her. Her website is

As always on our retreats there will be time for some restorative massages and walks on the South Downs



This is a Kundalini yoga retreat.
The power of this ancient science and technology can enable major shifts in your life. Take it from us, we are both teachers of this powerful practice through our own life experiences and the pathways it has opened up for us.
You get the benefit of both Lucy and I teaching, bringing our own individual style to each yoga session.
The morning session will be more dynamic, It begins with a chance to step into the space and consciousness of the group through breath work for clarity and focus. Then we move into the flow of the yoga practice.
Each Kriya will be different everyday, focusing on restoring and re-balancing your nervous and glandular systems. We will work on each chakra and the organs they are associated with. Through mantra and meditation we will be working directly with your master glands which directly affect your hormonal system.
Kundalini can lift your spirit, shift and balance your energy, release trauma, detoxify, cleanse and clear emotional blocks.
The evening session will be a gentler practise and will focus on bringing a deep sense of calm. We will draw you into your inner glow through stretching, meditation, chanting, sharing and building our intentions so we can find our true essence.
We are very excited to be able to bring all our sound healing instruments on this retreat. Everyday you will experience crystal bowls, drums, chimes, rain sticks and gongs.
Sound healing is incredibly powerful, it enables you to fully switch off and let go of the ‘monkey chatter’. It is known to help with anxiety, trauma, insomnia, stress and can rebalance the nervous system and heal on a deep cellular level.
As you progress through the retreat, the chance to have daily sound baths will allow your body and mind to truly LET GO.





We are delighted to have a private chef who will prepare nutritious, plant based, gluten free and vegetarian meals on the retreat.  Each day you will be served pre-yoga bites, then a delicious and nutritious brunch, finally a scrumptious supper with some delicious guilt free deserts. There is unlimited water,fruit, nuts and tea throughout the day. We aim to be sugar and gluten free so you leave lighter, radiant and glowing from the inside out. 




This is the perfect retreat if you are looking to address your total wellbeing. If you are entering the menopause and you are feeling out of sorts and confused about the next steps, then this retreat will equip you with the knowledge to be able to make healthy choices moving forward.

If you have irregular monthly cycles or you are suffering from anxiety, stress or insomnia you will experience ways to help address those areas. This weekend will give you the chance to understand about your body and mind in a safe space.

Our aim is to take care of everything so you have the space to recharge, restore and rebalance. You can go as deep as you wish but rest assured you will leave lighter, happier, refreshed and elevated.


Full board accommodation in private rooms or shared suites

Morning and evening yoga, meditation and mantra with Lucy and Maree

Daily sound healing

A nutritional hormone workshop with handout

Q and A with Emma Marshall

Pre yoga bites, a delicious, fulfilling vegetarian brunch, afternoon snacks and supper. All vegetarian and plant based

Hike in nature




Pre-yoga bites & teas

Morning guided meditation

Sharing circle

Dynamic Kundalini yoga practise

Gong bath with crystal bowls

Juices and yoga Q&A, to discuss and develop your personal practice

A hearty brunch

Free time to relax, receive therapies or explore the area

Evening yoga, meditation and sound healing

Delicious, abundant supper









“It was the kind of week money cannot really buy. Hard work and spirituality – and so much laughter. 

The week completely flew by (even for someone like me who cannot touch their toes!) and for as much as I wasn’t a grade A student, I feel like something has shifted.

I really cannot thank you both enough for looking after us so well. It’s a week I shall cherish for ever more.”




Maree trained with the Karam Kriya Yoga School & specialised in Kundalini Yoga for the addictive personality under Carolyn Cowan. She's run numerous yoga, self -development & women's retreats in the UK, Goa & Europe. She is hugely passionate about the life-changing technology of Kundalini Yoga & making it accessible to everyone.

With a background as a TV producer & running an ethical fashion label, her infectious energy & open approach is a modern take on the traditional teachings. She's hugely excited to invite you to her "home from home" - a little slice of paradise in South Goa that she has lived in for over 15 years. She'll be your personal tour guide & give you an unrivalled, insider experience of this very special place.




Lucy has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and meditation for 5 years and trained with the Karam Kriya yoga school in London and Portugal. Other training includes Carolyn Cowan’s Mastering the Addictive Personality. Lucy is also a qualified Starchild yoga teacher. She is passionate about the power of sound and has trained with Mark Swan and Tone of Life in gong therapy and singing bowls. She brings the power of mantra, chanting and sound to this retreat, guiding you through the science & technology of this incredible practice.

The main focus of the week is to restore energy and balance in the mind and body. Over 7 days you will discover the joys of Kundalini yoga, meditation and sound healing so you will leave refreshed, centred and connected to your inner being.

The classes will suit all abilities.



To book your place and pay your deposit or if you have any questions please contact Maree at or call 07944053363