Our story


Maree is the founder of Kundalini Rebels & The Chakra ShakeHer mission is to inspire you to lead a Happy, Healthy & High Vibrational Life through personal transformation & awareness.  Maree’s love of yoga started at the age of 18 with a traditional Hatha training in the sacred city of Varanasi, India. Her fascination with the divine & a thirst for knowledge continued through her twenties & thirties running alongside building a successful career in TV & Film, making films & ads for some of the biggest names & brands in the industry.  In 2013 she discovered Kundalini Yoga & the practice changed the course of her life forever.  She trained with the Karam Kriya Yoga School under Chiv Charan Singh & specialised in Kundalini Yoga for the addictive personality with Carolyn Cowan.  She built London’s 1st floating yoga studio, hosting busy weekly classes & full moon ceremonies.  Winter months were spent in Goa, hosting life-changing retreats & creating monthly Kundalini Full Moon Ceremonies - marrying her love of dance music & Kundalini Yoga, whilst encouraging people to tap into their natural high.  She quickly built up a reputation in the UK & India for her modern approach, infectious energy & ability to inspire everyone from CEO's, performers, creatives, spiritual seekers & normal folk to thrive & revitalise in an ever increasingly stressful world. 

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Other trainings that influence her work are Transformational Breathwork; she's a level 3 breathwork facilitator with the Celtic Breathwork Society, she’s a qualified Yin Yoga teacher & has studied sound healing at the renowned Tone of Life School in Poland. She’s also attuned to Reiki 1 & 2 & is an advanced belief clearing coach with the world-famous Joe Vitale.  As a ceremonial space holder, Maree has spent the past ten years curating & running life-changing yoga, self-development & Goddess retreats & workshops around the world.  She co-founded the cosmic jewellery brand, Goddess Charms & has inspired thousands to embark on their own, personal Kundalini journey.  She weaves together a huge array of knowledge into her own distinct style which is accessible, fun & nothing short of transformational.  She is hugely passionate about making these life-changing teachings accessible to all & brings a modern, inspiring & fun approach to ancient wisdom.