Maree's Story

I first came across these wonderful trousers on my travels in India. I loved their simple design & endless versatility & felt that, with a few key alterations they would be a huge hit back at home.

I worked tirelessly to perfect the final design, moving towards a more contemporary cut, which gives a more flattering fit, whilst allowing for a complete & free range of movement. I decided from the outset that they were going to be a luxury item; hand crafted from the softest cotton & cut & sewn by skilled artisans belonging to a fair trade workshop.

I've chosen a collection of vibrant colour which transcend both the seasons & continents. Finally, each pair has been packaged in it's own stylish bag which can be worn over the shoulder to carry anything you should need.

So, wherever you are, whatever you're doing & whoever you're with, make sure you pack your Marzipants. You'll wonder how you ever survived without them.

Ashok’s Story

Ashok runs the workshop where Marzipants are made. He left home at 15, taught himself English, learned how to pattern cut & sew & started his own business. When I first met him, although he was only working out of a tiny shack in Goa, India, his craftsmanship was incredible & he was a man of great vision. I knew that one day, he would be the man to make Marzipants.

Ashok now has a workshop that employs 28 women who all come from the local area – the rural, farming community where he was bought up. The women earn a good wage, enabling them to support their families. They work in a happy environment, take holidays when they want & bring their children to work if they need.

Ashok is married with 2 sons & his 4 younger brothers now help him run the business.

Lakshmi's Story

Lakshmi is the head seamstress in the workshop & is in charge of teaching all the other women how to sew Marzipants. She lives with her husband & 2 children five minutes walk from the factory.

Shanaj’s Story

Shanaj is responsible for quality control & she’s also a bit of an expert on the button machine. She’s the one who will have sewn the button on your Marzipants bag. She decided against an arranged marriage (which is very unusual in this part of India) & married her childhood sweetheart when she was 15. Her husband runs the local vegetable shop & she has 2 sons.

Nagma’s Story

Nagma has been working with Ashok since she left school in 2011 & she is the workshop runner. She lives in the village with her parents, 3 brothers & 2 sisters. Although she’s only 17, she’s a force to be reckoned with & we don’t think it will be long until she’s helping Ashok to run the business.

Sangeeta’s Story

Sangeeta is Ashok’s wife & she’s responsible for pre-washing all our Marzipants. Pre-washing ensures the trousers will retain their shape & size because any shrinking of the material has already happened. Pre-washed fabrics tend to fade less & most importantly, it gives the cotton a lovely soft, fluffy finish.

Shyamsunder’s Story

Shyamsunder runs a laundry business in the local town & he’s responsible for pressing all our Marzipants, ensuring they arrive with you fresh, ironed & ready to wear. Shyamsunder’s grandfather started the business & now his two sons help him run it. His daughter works as a seamstress in Ashok’s workshop.


It’s the people who wear our trousers that make our story so special. Have a look at our FAMILY ALBUM to see what our happy customers are wearing.
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