Why A Daily Gratitude Practice Works

Maree Gecks

Posted on March 28 2019

Gratitude practice and journal


How To Cultivate A Gratitude Practice And Why It Works -

Why I started a gratitude practice:

I’ve got to be honest, I’m not great when I 1st wake up in the mornings; I’m grumpy, have battled with anxiety on waking for years (so much better now through my Kundalini practice, but it can still get the better of me), and I usually wake up with a glass half empty mentality. It shifts throughout the day, but that 1st half hour on waking is not usually my finest! 😏

Recently I’ve started keeping a gratitude journal by my bed & it really has helped me shift that morning gloom, in fact, it’s helped to shape my day in a much more positive way.  A 2005 study showed that keeping a gratitude journal decreased depression by more than 30% & neuroscientists are discovering numerous other health benefits, all from the simple act of being thankful.  

Gratitude Journal - Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

How to start your own gratitude practice:

Here’s what I do…. It’s pretty simple really, doesn’t take long, or cost any money but it's hugely powerful.

  1. Go & get yourself a beautiful journal & a special pen.  You want to make this a beautiful morning ritual & lovely stationery definitely helps! You can even go one step further by lighting a candle, or burning some incense - give the whole process reverence.  
  2. Upon waking, take a blank page & write down 3 things that you’re grateful for. This can be as simple as having a bed to sleep in & a roof over your head. The 1st few things can be difficult to muster, but once you get in the flow, things to be grateful for, just keep flowing & flowing.  Don’t worry if you’re struggling to find things, just the process of searching, has an effect on the important regions of the brain.
  3. On the opposite page, write a 2nd list, this is where you write down the things that you want to manifest, but it’s important to write them as if you’ve already got them.  Start each sentence with “I am so very grateful for...” & write down what you want to attract. Top of my list as I write this is “I am so very grateful for selling my boat in London for a price I’m happy with & creating a beautiful retreat space in Goa”. You’ve got to aim big, after all!
  4. Close your book & go & have a beautiful day!

What do you do to start the day off right?

Do any of you have a daily gratitude practice & have you noticed a difference? I’d love to know what your tips are - let us know in the comments below.

Maree x

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