How to Make the Perfect Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Maree Gecks

Posted on April 06 2020

How to Make the Perfect Ceremonial Cacao Drink


Photograph and recipe from: Forever Cacao


Cacao History


Cacao was used in ritual and ceremony by our Mesoamerican ancestors & was considered sacred. It is believed that if consumed in a pure form you will receive support & messages from the Cacao Spirit.⁠

Cacao had been practically diluted beyond recognition into Chocolate confections with added fats and sugars which can detract from the magic.⁠

There is a difference in vibration when you eat a dairy-filled Chocolate bar compared to a minimally processed Dark Chocolate.⁠

Drinking Cacao in it's purest form allows a deeper connection to ourselves, our own intuition, knowing & inner guidance.⁠

Cacao is regaining its reputation as a powerful yet gentle earth medicine.⁠

* Gentle but powerful⁠
* Helps you understand yourself⁠
* Can aid clearing emotional blocks⁠
* Enables the letting go of past relationships⁠
* Connects you with your creativity⁠
* Enhances focus and mental agility⁠
* May find you no longer crave crappy chocolate⁠

Ceremonial Cacao Recipe

Serves 1 - for larger numbers, scale up from here
  • Up to 42g of cacao - We suggest 20g to 30g as a good amount, certainly for group Ceremonies.
  • 220ml of either water or 1/2 water, 1/2 plant milk
Optional: Natural sweetener to taste (coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey etc - refined white sugar alters the vibration!)

Methods for making:

Method 1
For a smooth topped drink

  • Weigh out and place the chopped or pre ground cacao in the bottom of a mug, cup or drinking vessel of your choice.
  • Add a little of the hot water or plant based milk.
  • Mix into a thick paste, adding a little more hot liquid as required, stirring until smooth, take your time, there's no need to rush!
  • (Optional) include any additions of your choice e.g. coconut sugar, superfood powders or spices
  • Add more water / plant milk and sweetener, if required, and top up to your preferred drinking consistency.
  • Enjoy whilst warm.

Method 2
For a frothy topped drink. (Requires a hi-speed blender)
Good method when making for a group Ceremony, make in small batches and transfer to saucepan or serving vessel.

  • Weigh the cacao and place in a high speed blender.
  • Warm or heat the water or plant milk of your choice in a saucepan
  • Add the warmed liquid to the blender along with any additions of your choice e.g. coconut sugar, superfood powder or oil
  • Whizz ingredients together at high speed
  • Pour into cups and enjoy!


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