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Maree Gecks

Posted on February 10 2016

Manifesting with Marzipants

Yesterday I had a great Skype catch up with an inspirational new friend of mine, Patricia Lohan.  We chatted non-stop about everything from Bali to Goa, to menstrual cycles, about what it means to be a modern goddess, our favourite books, the best online resources, how we got out of the rat race & alternative ways of living.  

It wasn't long before the topic of MANIFESTING came up.  It's a tricky word for some (the words creating, envisioning or realising work just as well, if you prefer).  Whatever you want to call it, this sh*t works & we've both used it successfully to help us make what at one time seem impossible, possible. 

If you're interested in trying it for yourself, check out the free "Manifesting your Mojo" course that Patricia has put online.  I've signed up & looking forward to using it to make more of my wishes come true.

Let the magic begin.....

Maree x

Thank you for the picture :)

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