Would you pay more to have your clothes made here?


Posted on May 21 2013

We're thinking about introducing a new, organic cotton range of Marzipants which would be perfect for yoga, holidays, travelling & chilling out.  We've been in talks with CAOS, a wonderful factory in India who can take care of production for us. http://youtu.be/qdsELq6n47o One of my favourite ethical designers, People Tree also use CAOS & have made this lovely video about them & what they do.  Even though I've spent loads of time in factories, it's so easy to forget exactly how much work goes into producing just one garment, it's amazing really. I'd love to know what you think.  Is it worth paying a little bit extra for your clothes to know that they're made in clean, happy & fair workplaces like this? Hope you all have a good week, Maree x

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  • MARZIPANTS_UK: October 05, 2015

    What do you think? Would you pay more to have your clothes made here? Maree x http://t.co/KjnAkR7AhW

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