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Posted on April 05 2013

We had a very exciting meeting yesterday trying on a rough sample of the new style Marzipants which we're going to launch later this year.  During the design stage, my new business partner Emma suggested that I complete her "handbag task", which is basically everything you carry with you, everything you love, and what inspires you - all put onto a board. It's really fun & easy to do (only takes a few hours) & it's the perfect way to get inspired this weekend.  So why not give it a go & get those creative juices flowing. Ok, here's how to do it...... Firstly, with pen & paper, write down your favourite top 3 from the list below - put down the first thing that comes into your head. Once you've done that, put each word into google images & pick an image that best represents your word & save the image.  When you've saved all the images, open a blank document & start cutting and pasting all the images onto it, making your very own collage.  Play around with sizes, layout & themes, depending on what inspires you the most.  Keep playing & tweaking, until you've got the perfect board. What inspires us at Marzipants Here's mine.... not surprisingly there's lots of beachy / travel references, but it's also got quite a soft, romantic side to it too, with just a hint of a tough, London edge.  It's going to go up on my office wall to remind me of all the things I'd love.  I'd love to know what you come up with, why not share your boards on our facebook page.  You can also follow our inspiration boards on pinterest.
Top 3 Favourite
Music Bands
Holiday Destinations
UK Destinations
Mode of Transport
Chocolate bars
Brands (anything: any product/service)
Sounds: everyday

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