Marzipants are off to LA

Alexis Marcoux-Varvatsoulis

Posted on February 26 2013

After a very spooky set of coincidences last week, where practically everyone I met said "you know you should really go to LA with your trousers", my sister was flown out there for a last minute screen test & then my old university chum Lynsey from Le Keux Cosmetics rang me up to say she was off to LA to spread the word about her wonderful vintage inspired makeup range & did I want to come along for the ride, I decided that sometimes you've just got to throw caution to the wind, look out for those little "signs", follow your gut & just go with the flow. So, that's what I did & next Saturday I fly out to LA to join Lynsey (who just happens to have hired a convertible mustang for our trip - eeeek!) & we've going to spend 2 glorious weeks together exploring LA & Las Vegas, enjoying the sunshine, hooking up with fun & inspiring people & places in the yoga world & generally spreading the Marzipants love. If anyone's interested in joining the Marzipants team in LA, or has any suggestions of yoga places or people to visit, then please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. Thanks, Maree x

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    We’re off to #LA to spread the Marzipants love. Do get in touch if you’re based out there & would like to chat…

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