Beach Dogs

Alexis Marcoux-Varvatsoulis

Posted on March 06 2012

This is “Frank”, he’s one of the beach dogs here.  The beach is full of dogs, they don’t belong to anyone, but they’re all very tame, mostly very sweet & will happily adopt you as their new friend if they think that you’re likely to give them something to eat.  You’ll often see dogs waiting patiently by the shore waiting for their temporary owners to come out of the water, so they can accompany them back to their sun lounger where they’ll sit & wait for the next trip, or better still, for lunch to arrive.
“Frank”, like all the other dogs, is very territorial & he gets most upset if some cheeky, overconfident dog from another part of the beach decides to saunter down onto his patch.  If this happens, he’ll gather his doggy crew by barking loudly & together they’ll see off the imposter with much howling & snarling of teeth.   It’s a bit annoying for “Frank” when this happens as it then means he’s then got to pace up & down his bit of sand, trying to look fierce & making sure the imposter doesn’t get brave & try the same thing again. The most awful thing that can happen in a season to a beach dog is if some tourist decides to bring their own, non-beach dog.  In dog terms, this just isn’t cricket & calls for extreme enemy action.   All previous grievances with neighbouring crews have to be forgotten & the Patnem dog crew gather as a whole to try & see off the imposter.   It’s not easy though as the owner of the non-beach dog, usually doesn’t want his or her dog to be ripped to shreds by a pack of unruly semi-wild dogs.  There’s usually a huge kerfuffle, a lot of screaming & shouting & pretty much everybody staying on the beach hears it.  If you’re reading this & you own a dog, please leave it at home if you come to Patnem.  

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  • Maree: October 05, 2015

    I know, I wanted to bring him home soooooo much. xxx

  • Lynsey: October 05, 2015

    Poor Frank, he’s just trying to keep his patch in this world! You know I would have brought them all home.


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