Turtle beach, dodgy boat crossings, delicious lunch & hammocks


Posted on February 27 2012

Today was one of those utterly blissful & perfect days where I just feel so unbelievably lucky to be here & doing what I’m doing.  Mumsie & I walked to Galgibaga beach, or Turtle beach as it's known locally, which is probably my favourite beach in South Goa as I’m looking for locations for the next photoshoot.  The walk starts with a treacherous clamber over the rocks at the end of Patnem beach & then you walk  the full length of  Rajbad beach.  At the end of the beach you need to get one of the local fisherman to take you over the river to Talpona.  The crossing is breathtaking with waves lapping the beach on one side & sweeping views down river across mangroves & lush jungle the other side.  Don’t be put off by the rather unsteady looking boats.  They’re incredibly narrow (about as wide as my shoulders) & look like they could tip over at any moment, but another piece of wood is tied to the side of them that steadies them & stops you ending up in the water.
Boat over to Talpona Talpona is usually a sleepy little fishing village, but yesterday the locals were getting ready for the festival of Ganesh & the place was humming with excitement.  The whole town was being painted in bright colours, bunting & lights were being strung up from every corner & the temple was covered in flower garlands & offerings of incense.  Talpona is at one end of Galgibaga Beach which has a turtle preservation site.  As you walk down the beach there are small squares of sand that have been cordoned off where the turtles have laid their eggs & signs to tell you when the eggs were laid & when they’re due to hatch.  The beach is about a mile long, pretty much deserted & you can often spot sea eagles circling overhead. [caption id="attachment_400" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Ganesh Temple"][/caption] At the end of the beach you take a narrow path that leads behind the back of a little hamlet & then you wander down a shady, sandy path past chickens scratching in the dust, cows munching on the vegetation & brightly coloured houses with beautifully decorated temples in the garden.  This shady path is a welcome  rest from the hot sun and a chance to walk even slower while wandering  behind the odd cow.  At the end of the path on the right is an impressive white church, which also looks as though it’s had a recent makeover and then some rather magnificent looking houses. Eventually the path comes to an end where there are a jumble of signs for small beach restaurants.  One even boasts an endorsement from Gordon Ramsey but we thought we’d try the one the furthest away for a change and also because we had to wait three hours for food at the G. R one last year ! What a brilliant choice of restaurant we made, if you're in the area, make sure you eat at Tanisu . After a quick swim in the glorious surf we were treated to grilled prawns , sliced potato chips and a green salad.  The hammocks suddenly looked extremely inviting and I dozed off to the accompaniment of crows , the sound of the waves and Mumsie snoring in the next door hammock. [caption id="attachment_396" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Lunch at Tanisu"][/caption]

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