Patnem Beach

Maree Gecks

Posted on February 23 2012

Patnem Beach
Patnem is a beautiful, palm fringed, sandy beach in the South of Goa.  I’ve been coming here for 8 years now & as soon as I arrive & step down onto the sand, my shoulders drop, I find myself smiling & I’m instantly relaxed.   I don’t know what it is about this place, but for me, it’s magical.There are lots of little beach bars where you can get all sorts of delicious things to eat & drink.  There’s fresh fish caught every day, which in the evening is laid out on ice so you can choose which one you want, there’s all sorts on Indian cooking - from the creamy seafood curries of the South to the more robust cooking from the North & there’s even one place where you can eat wood fired oven pizza’s.  There are plenty of yummy cocktails on offer, including many made from the local spirit, fenny & mixed with fresh coconut juice, picked from the trees.   Just behind the beach there are shady gardens where you can practice all kinds of yoga away from the heat of the day & if all of the above isn’t relaxing enough for you, there’s plenty of auyervedic practitioners who will give you all sorts of wonderful treatments. They even have wifi at many of the beach bars, which means that, as long as I’m strict with myself, I can get on with some much-needed work.  I have to keep pinching myself that this is real & this is my job now.  This time last year, I was sitting on the M4 in traffic for 2 hours every day commuting to Pinewood Studios, then sitting in the production office or on set for 12 hours a day.  Although I loved my job & worked with wonderful people, I always felt a bit short changed by the routine that had become normal to me.  Now, sitting on my little veranda, listening to the birds & watching the butterflies in the garden, I feel like I might have got it right.

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