Alexis Marcoux-Varvatsoulis

Posted on February 12 2012

As the plane started it’s decent into Bangalore airport, I suddenly began to feel very, very nervous.  I’ve been planning this trip to India for months, I’ve saved hard & put everything I have into getting Marzipants off the ground.  Leaving my media job to follow my dream was probably one of the biggest life-changing decisions I’ve ever made and as Bangalore came into view through the clouds, the enormity of what I was about to embark on hit me. “Madam, why is your skin looking like this?  Are these spots hurting you?” asked the boy sitting next to me on the bus from the airport to the bus station.  I tried to explain that my “spots” were in fact freckles & were perfectly normal, but he wasn’t having any of it.  “I think you should not be staying in India, the climate here is not agreeing with you - it is giving you spots all over the place!”  My nerves quickly disappeared – it was great to be back in India! Mumsie & I took the overnight bus from Bangalore to inland Karnataka.  The bus takes 11 hours and with only one stop it’s not a trip for those with a weak bladder!  The bus is divided into upper & lower cabins & we were sharing a upper double bunk.  Once you’ve clambered up the ladder into the top cabin, drawn the curtains around you & popped a sleeping tablet, they’re surprisingly comfortable.  There’s something very relaxing about starring out of the window as the night sky of a foreign county blurs past you.  It took me ages to get to sleep partly because my brain was in overdrive, thinking of all the things that I needed to get done & partly because even though it was the middle of the night, it didn’t stop the driver from playing his Hindi music, on repeat, for the full 11 hours!

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