Desert Sands


Posted on February 10 2012

In Dubai the weekend runs from Friday to Saturday with the working week starting on Sunday.  So after a morning of catching up with hundreds of emails & forwarding on lots of new orders to my lovely boyfriend, so he can post them from London for me, we decided that it was the perfect day to venture into the desert. [caption id="attachment_202" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sun over the Dubai desert © Marzipants"][/caption] We drove from the Palm Jumeriah to a hotel called the Bab Al Shams, which is located about 40 mins inland from Dubai city in the middle of the desert.  It was amazing how quickly the landscape changed from the soaring skyscrapers & the glittering lights of Dubai, to the arid, barren wasteland & then into desert.  It's almost incomprehensible that less than 15 years ago, the vast area that is now glitzy hotels, beach bars & resorts, used to be empty desert. We enjoyed ice coffee's & a delicious meze platter, overlooking the sand dunes at Bab Al Shams.  The hotel was filled with guests enjoying brunch, which is a popular thing to do in Dubai.  This was a family brunch, so by the pool there were ponies & camels for the children to play with & ride on.  The hotel was amazing, if not a bit over the top - more the a Disney version of a Oasis in the desert, rather than the real thing, but if you're in Dubai it's well worth a trip out of the city to visit. I decided against the live camel ride, for fear of getting thrown in the pool by the rather grumpy looking creature, so instead I opted for a more sedate looking bronze version which was seated in the entrance hall. [caption id="attachment_203" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Craig the Camel & I! ©Marzipants"][/caption] Tomorrow morning Mumsie & I leave Dubai & fly off to India.  We then we hop on a bus for 10 hours & finally arrive at our destination on Monday morning. It's going to be a bit of a shock going from Dubai to India & we'll really miss our friends over here, but Mumsie & I are both really excited about getting started on the new range.

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