Busy, busy, Bee!


Posted on February 06 2012

Goodness me it's been a busy day today with a lot of running around...... Had to fill the boat up with lots of spare Marzipants as my lovely boyfriend is going to be Mr Postman for the next 6 weeks & has very kindly agreed to pack & send all the orders for me (he gets millions of brownie points for that!).  Lots of last minute travel bookings & arrangements were made & I've been very naughty & booked a romantic holiday & the end of my work trip - more on that later.  Tomorrow I fly to India, but stop over in Dubai for 4 days to catch up with some old family friends & meet up with my Mum.  I can't wait to see them - it's been ages.  Some last minute orders had to be sent & also received lots of pre-orders for the new collection today, which is a lovely way to start the trip.  (Please contact me if you'd like to be top of the list to receive the new range when it comes out).  Last but not least, packing.  I've been putting it off all day, but the time has finally come to try & cram everything into a suitcase.  I'm getting the early tube to Heathrow tomorrow morning, so the next blog post will be from Dubai!  I can't wait to see the sun! x  

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