I never thought I would.....


Posted on February 04 2012

Buy one of those awful "I love London" t-shirts.  But today I found myself in one of those tacky tourist shops opposite Harrods parting with the best part of £20.... yep, that's right £20, for 2 children's t-shirts. I wanted to get Ashok & his family some little presents & although the t-shirts aren't to my taste, I hope his little boys will love them.  I got Ashok & his wife some chocolates, biscuits & jams from Harrods.  I particularly loved the miniature jam jars with London landmarks on. I'm not sure what chapatti, or naan bread with jam tastes like, but at least the little jars look cute. It's snowing in London tonight & it's pretty chilly aboard the houseboat.  We have to keep all the heaters on & go to bed in our jumpers and wooly socks just to keep warm.  Tuesday can't come round soon enough!

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