Patience is most definitely a virtue

Alexis Marcoux-Varvatsoulis

Posted on January 31 2012

If nothing else, I think this little venture of mine will teach me patience, India is rather good at that.  When I first went there as a naive, but very excited 18 year old, I definitely didn't have an ounce of patience.  6 months spent travelling round India taught me many things, (a bit of) patience being one of them, but I seem to have forgotten all of that today. I'm meant to be in India now, but due to a delay with my visa, which is now sorted & a cotton order which STILL hasn't turned up, I'm left sitting on my rather chilly houseboat in London.  Plan "B" was that I'd be flying out this Friday, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen now either as I can't start work without the cotton.  Plan C, well I don't really have a plan C, apart from to be patient, wait for the cotton to arrive & under no circumstances get bored of waiting, make a rash decision & just book a flight in the blind hope that everything will be sorted by the time I arrive. [caption id="attachment_150" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="My Swatch Book"][/caption] Cotton is pretty much the only thing that I've been thinking about for the past month.  It took me AGES to decide what to use for the new rage as there was just so much choice - so many different weaves of cotton & hundreds of different finishes.  A month ago, I had no idea about the difference between a plain weave & a twill weave or a poplin fabric & a calico fabric, but now I can even spot a 20's weave from a 40's! Once I'd finally settled on the fabric I was going to use, I had to decide on the colours and that was the really, really hard bit.  Marzipants are unisex & now come in children's sizes as well, so I needed colours that would suit men, women & children of all ages & in all shapes & sizes.  Sounds easy, trust me - it wasn't!  I could have happily chosen enough combinations to keep the entire population of Indian cotton farmers in work for at least the next decade, but I knew that if this was going to be a viable business a: I couldn't afford it & b: in order to stand out from the crowd, I  needed to have a small range of very stylish colours & designs that worked well together. [caption id="attachment_151" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="My very high tech design methods: coloured paper & scissors!"][/caption] In the end, after going round & round in circles, waking up in cold sweats in the middle of the night (seriously!) & a few tears (I put it down to girlie hormones), the only way that I could make a decision was to cut out coloured paper versions of all the trousers, the turnovers & the bags & see how they worked together as a range.  Not very high tech and I'm sure all the "grown-up" designers would laugh at me, but it worked and after 3 weeks of driving myself mad with the thousands of different options available, I made a decision & placed an order for nearly  6,000 metres - eeeek! I just wish the order would turn up so I can start work!

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