Yoga in the most unlikely of places.


Posted on December 01 2012

A few weeks ago, my friend Catherine from CYoga asked me to join her for a photoshoot she was doing for her new book.  I obviously jumped at the chance, especially when I  heard that it was going to be taking place down at the Skatepark in Southbank.  London Skateparks calls Southbank "the beating heart of London Skateboarding" & it certainly didn't disappoint - the graffiti is incredible! I chose to wear my Red Marzipants as I thought they'd look brilliant against the colourful background.  Catherine wore some amazing outfits, my favourite being a little black jumpsuit with 6 inch heels (yes ladies, she can do yoga poses in shoes most of us can't even walk in!).  Catherine and I started doing some yoga postures & within a few minutes we'd attracted quite a crowd on onlookers, it tuns out it's not every day that you get girls doing headstands against skate ramps & balancing on ledges. The photographer had us doing all kinds of brilliant poses.  At one point Catherine was doing the crow, whilst balancing on a skateboard - no easy thing, especially with the skaters wooshing past us. Marzipants Thai Fisherman Pants As I was leaving a young boy asked me if my trousers were just yoga pants or if they could be used for skating too.  I told him they were Marzipants & could be used for anything; skate pants, yoga pants, beach wear, lounging pants, going out trousers..... I was reeling off a long list when he cut me short. "Can they make you fly?" he asked, absolutely dead-pan. "Ummmmmm......... Absolutely!"  How on earth do you answer that one?! Yoga Pants Thai Fisherman Trousers Catherine's new book will be out early next year. Sending a big thank you to Rod for the great photos!

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  • MARZIPANTS_UK: October 05, 2015

    Some amazing photos from our #yoga photoshoot down on @southbanklondon

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