Sleepless nights on the sleeper bus


Posted on February 22 2012

As all the samples are complete & I’m very happy with the quality of work, production has now started to produce the Summer 2012 range of Marzipants.  I’m not needed at the factory during this time as I’m probably a bit of a distraction & much more gets done when I’m not there, so Mumsie & I have headed to Goa.  I’ve spent a lot of time here over the past 11 years, so it’s always lovely to come back & see the same the same old faces & catch up with  friends – both Indian’s  & the Europeans who come out here for 6 or so months every year. There’s a train that goes from Hubli to Goa & takes 5 hours, but it was completely booked up for weeks in advance so we had to settle for a night-bus.  Unfortunately this night-bus wasn’t anything like the one we got from Bangalore; We were picked up at 10.30 at night (the bus was only ½ hour late, which apparently is pretty punctual), our bags were thrown in the hold & we were ushered on just in time for the bus to off again on it’s journey. The double bunk we had was smaller than any single bed I’ve ever slept in & there was no ladder  to climb up .There  were people sleeping below you couldn’t stand on their bunk & then try & lift yourself up either. Somehow I managed to jump up, but Mumsie was having more trouble.  Every time she tried to hop up, the bus would either screech to a halt at a set of traffic lights, throwing her halfway down the bus, swerve out of the way of a cow or dog in the road, or go round corners so quickly that it felt like we were on 2 wheels.  I was trying to pull her up, but I was having to cling onto a metal rail in the ceiling to stop myself from being thrown off as well.  All of this was being done in complete darkness whilst trying not to wake up a whole sleeping bus.  The harder we tried the funnier it became & before long we were both in fits of giggles & had woken everyone up. Once she did finally get up, we had the arctic air conditioning to deal with which was positioned directly above our heads & had no setting other than full power & freezing cold.  We wrapped ourselves in whatever we had, including bits of leftover cotton fabric & clung onto our bunk bed for dear life.  4 hours later & 3 hours ahead of schedule (I felt a bit sorry for the people that were meant to catch the bus from our stop) we arrived at our stop.  Again, we just about had time to get off the bus & retreive our bags from the hold before the bus was off again.  Luckily there were a couple of tuk-tuk drivers, so we jumped in one & got dropped off at the beach.  Because it was so early, nothing was open, so we had to sleep on the beach with only the beach dogs for company until 7, when everyone wakes up.  Even though we were exhausted after not having slept all night, whilst lying in the sand, listening to the waves & the wind in the palm trees & looking up at all the stars - it didn’t seem to matter.   [caption id="attachment_359" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="My new office in Goa"][/caption]  

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