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Maree Gecks

Posted on February 20 2012

I thought you might all be getting a little bored of hearing me ramble on, so I've handed the reins over to Mumsie today to fill you in on what's she's been up to.....

Mumsie outside the factory.

It appears there are many different routes to Ashok’s factory.  I’ve always thought I had a good sense of direction & had planned during my time with Maree to run back from the factory to where we are staying.  I love Indian food & knew that without any exercise I’d be turning into a large naan!  We get quite a lot of attention in this small town because we are the only Westerners here, but the sight of a white middle aged woman in shorts & trainers would be laughable, if not rather disrespectful.  If that is out, what about a more sedate walk in casual flowing garments – perfect.  That sounds fine, but how would I carry the 4 litres of water I’d need from factory to hotel & still remain looking elegant & not like some old dishevelled hag.  I don’t really know why I think I’ve become a travel writer for Vogue, because I don’t really care too much about what I look like.  It’s just that the women over here always look so damn good.    The may live in difficult conditions, but however far they have walked, or whatever they are doing, they always look immaculate.

Walking home for lunch.

Ashok’s factory is in a new housing development on the outskirts of town.  He built it here to give work to the local Indian women.  The factory is small, but the working conditions are exceptional.  I have been in a few textile workshops in London that could certainly follow Ashok’s example.  Arriving in the morning you are greeted with 26 smiling faces & before long there is quite a lot of laughter as I try to count in Hindi.  I am also trying to remember everyone’s names, but I think that could be a non-starter as I sometimes get in a muddle with my own 3 children.  It was noted the other day that unlike most mothers who have screensavers of their offspring, I have one of my dog!

Inside the factory.

I have finally decided the easiest way to go to and from the factory is by rickshaw.  They may take a different route every time – I know this because I always bang my head at different intervals of the journey, but at least they get us back.  I am now going to do the much needed exercise in the room.  The bed is a perfect yoga mat & much harder than any floor I have ever slept on.

Tuk Tuk ride.

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