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Posted on February 17 2012

Shaega owns a little cafe below our hotel & he does the best breakfast in town.  There are no seats, so you stand around small circular tables & look out at the steady stream of tuk-tuk’s & Ox carts on their way to the market at the end of the road. [caption id="attachment_246" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Shaega"][/caption] Breakfast consists of a choice of Puri, Idly or Woda.  A puri is a like a soft, puffed up popadom made from flour & water, an idly is a soft pancake made of rice & a woda is a deep fried doughnut, also made from rice.  The puri is my favourite and is served on a metal plate with a coconut & herb paste & a small bowl of spicy, vegetable curry in which to dip it into.  The curry changes each day, but today we had cauliflower, potato & green bean, which was actually quite delicious. After breakfast it’s time for Chai.  Chai is a very hot, sweet, aromatic Indian tea made from boiling milk, water, tea & spices & then adding a lot of sugar.  It’s often served in small metal cups about a quarter of the size of a cup we’d use at home.  The Indians drink a lot of tea; I’d even say they’d beat us British on the tea drinking stakes & wherever you go in India, there are always a little stand where you can buy the hot, milky drink. They don’t use knives & forks over here & instead you use your hands & then wash them afterwards – either in a sink, or if there is no sink, rinse them in your bowl.   In each restaurant there are pages of torn up newspaper that you use to dry your hands instead of tissue paper, which seems to make much more sense to me in terms of recycling, although I can’t see it catching on at home. If I’m honest, a spicy vegetable curry & fried popadom wouldn’t be my first choice of breakfast, but because we are the only westerners in a very rural area of India, there’s no chance of getting anything else.  At first it definitely wasn’t making me jump out of my bed, but now I’ve got used to it, I rather look forward to seeing what Shaega’s dishing up each morning – it’s always a bit of a surprise!

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