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Maree Gecks

Posted on August 16 2016

Recently I've been raving about the Insight Timer app to anyone who will listen.  It's amazingly easy to use & has a wealth of settings to make your meditation experience a beautiful one!  We all know the benefits of meditation, but it's not always that easy to do & this app definitely helps with that.

Meditation app by Marzipants


You can choose your background music (personally I love the Om), how long you want to meditate for (12 mins twice a day is my goal).  You can choose interval bells (very handy for reminding you what you're doing / stopping you from falling asleep) & you get to connect to a worldwide group of meditators.  I particularly like the stats feature, which has a wealth of figures & graphs to show you where you're at & is very useful for keeping you on track.

Thai Fisherman Pants for Meditation 

This week I've been staying in a friend's woodland cabin & this is me, fresh out of bed, meditating in the garden in my Marzipants - a pretty perfect start to the day.

What about you? Where do you meditate & are you seeing the benefits?  Let us know in the comments box.

Maree x


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  • Insight Timer : May 27, 2016

    Hi Marzipants

    Thanks for mentioning us in your wonderful post :) We are grateful to have you as part of this deeply committed community who collectively generate more than 1,000 days of meditation every 24 hours!

    Our new iOS update is due to release in the next couple of days which is very exciting so keep a look out on the website (www.insighttimer) and the Announcement Group in the app for exact release dates.

    Thanks for your support and may you be well,

    Bayley Middleton
    Community Manager
    Insight Timmer

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